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Neolith Product in Denver, CO

Happy 2014 everyone!


When looking to do a project, whether it was a new countertop, fireplace surround or outdoor kitchen, there are many different materials to choose from and sometimes it would become a bit overwhelming.  Natural stones have always been the first choice materials in most of these projects, even when there were draw backs. What draw backs you may ask? When placing natural stones outside, they are prone to breaking down, or fading over time. Now, a new product has come to town to alleviate some of these issues. Its name?  Neolith. Neolith is a Ceramic slab, it is made by combining various clays and minerals and putting them under Extreme heat and immense pressure to bond the particles together. The end product is a very light weight and incredibly dense slab. It is 100% natural, 100% eco-friendly, and obtains its colors from 100% natural pigments that sustain with time without any deterioration. Some of the advantages of this Ceramic slab are:
-Various Thickness (3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm *new) **
-Non Absorbant
-Fire and High Temperature Resistant
-Scratch Resistant
-Food Safe
-Never needs to be sealed
Neolith does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment and is completely a recyclable material. The application of Neolith is endless, its solid-consistent-look and smooth to rough-concrete-feel is suitable for numerous interior and exterior applications. The small thickness on Neolith allows this product to be wrapped around and cover furniture pieces such as cabinetry, desks, showcases, and much more, also applicable on walls, floors, fireplaces, vaults, exterior walls and corridors as well as ventilated facades. Overall, this is an excellent material. At the moment it is mostly used for big commercial projects, but is slowly making its way into small businesses and residential homes. If you are going for that contemporary/ modern look with no maintenance, then Neolith is the product that you should go with. We at YK Stone Center have done many different projects with Neolith, and while it is a very challenging material to work with, the end result is nothing short of spectacular.
 The neolith product is not something that we currently stock. But we do have their samples in our showroom.
**Colorado Market will be selling 2 thickness slabs. 5mm for cladding and 12mm for surface work and places where rigidity is needed.