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Antero Resources and YK Stone Center Published in Stone World Magazine July 2014.

Another very proud moment for us here at YK Stone Center Inc. Once again, we are published in a world-recognized stone magazine – The Stone World Magazine July 2014 issue. stone world magazine july 2014 yk stone center in denver, antero resources published in stone world magazine with yk marble stone center in denver coHere is how it all started. In late fall of last year, as I remember, Ilya, his wife Anna and I traveled to Italy to bring back some granite & marble slabs for our stock. One particular evening while in Carrarra City was when Ilya got the news of being accepted for the One Union Station project in downtown Denver- for "Antero Resources" headquarters- managed by Mark McPherson at McPherson Architecture in Denver. It was a very happy moment for all of us, we enjoy working on large and challenging projects. He did imagined the project to be challenging with much planning and scoping, but with much research about the stone and its characteristics he was at ease and was anxious to get the project started.  After couple weeks we finally got the material –quarried in the Nevada Desert by Las Vegas Rock.., and the task began. 
For several months, YK worked overtime to accommodate the thorough and bold project of One Union Station, as well as everyday clients. fabrication shop denver colorado, yk stone center, fabricating stairs for antero resourcesunion station tables, fabrication for antero resources in denver colorado, yk stone center fabrication shop denver, co Antero resources spiral stair case, union one station stair case, stone in antero resoures spiral stair case in denverspiral stairs at antero resources in denver, yk stone center denver, installation of the stairs antero resources bathroom vanity top in the lobby, mitred edges on stone, metaquartzite edges, yk stone center denver round table at antero resouces denver, yk stone center denver co, installed coffee table at antero resources denver landing stairs at antero resources denver, metaquartzite material at anteroresources denver co, stone at one union station, stne material, las vegas rock in denver, las vegas red rocks in denver, nevada rock, red rocks, natural stone, yk stone center denver Some of you may know that it was a real challenge for us to keep up and be on the 2-week schedule, thus we had to extend our turnaround time. slabsmith software denver, yk stone center, antero resources denver, matching slabs Thanks to our digital software, we were able to match the direction of veining and movement of the metaquartzite stone to have the uninterrupted flow, (Ilya’s quote from the article): “When creates of slabs started to arrive at different times to our fabrication shop, each shipment was from different parts of the mountain, each piece varied in shape, character, and size. The pattern can vary greatly within a single block, so we photographed and book-matched each piece from back and front, and used slabsmith program to compose the final design of floors and countertops. It was a real jigsaw puzzle, but we made it work in a way that is both dramatic and beautiful.” Antero resources in denver lobby stone, one union station lobby art stone, yk stone center installed metaquartzite in antero resources denver co I asked Mark about the focal point in the lobby, and he said “The building lobby design for the Antero Resources was clean, light and minimalist, a transition space to the floors above. But, we wanted to give visitors a glimpse of what was to come by using Nevada Stone as a focal point in the elevator lobby. The design team was inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s 1929 Barcelona Pavilion where he used lavish stone panels in a minimalist space.” The feature wall in the buildings lobby was pieced together in a butterfly effect pattern with four (4)- 3cm slabs that measured a total of 98” tall by 120” wide to create a very dramatic and vivid statement.  “Our stone wall is the best artwork anybody could ever ask for!” Mark added.
(Below, 'before' and 'during'/ almost finished project on the spiral stairs.)
One Union Station Denver Colorado, before and after project, stairsbefore and after antero resources completed project in denver colorado, installed raound stairs in antero resources building, union one station in denver colorado, yk stone center
There was a total of 5,000sqft of metaquartzite material fabricated and installed by YKSC in that 4-story building. To read a full article about the project, please click here.