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Taj Mahal Kitchen Countertops. Designed by Kate.

Being a designer, you typically know how you want your kitchen to be, especially if you are a mom... The routine in the kitchen should be obstacle free, the inevitable toys withstanding. As you all know, YKSC is a family owned company. We immigrated to Colorado 22 years ago from Russia, and for us the most important facet of the kitchen is the island. Our island is always covered with some amazing Russian (and American) food and surrounded with bellies ready to eat. The island provided a spectacular focal point for this kitchen, with the rest of the room designed to compliment it. It looks stunning. The market has been trending towards engineered stone, but in my opinion, there is practically nothing man-made that compares to the beauty of Taj Mahal. So many of our customers agree with us that we’ve been buying containers of Taj Mahal from a local distributor who imports it directly from Brazil. For those of you who are geologically inclined Taj Mahal is a category of metamorphic stone called Quartzite, that starts as sandstone and because of its mineral make-up is harder on the Mohs scale than granite or man-made quartz and much less reactive than marble. As we often say, “there is no artist like mother nature”. No two slabs of Taj Mahal are exactly alike, and all of them are magnificent. Because of that Taj Mahal guarantees that you will have a kitchen that is unique and beautiful, we find that truly remarkable!