Remnant SALE on our small remnants.., All remnant material in our "A" row are 50%-75% off, Sizes range from a small coffee table to a 24"-42" vanity top, many uses of even smaller pieces for shower curbs, shower shelf's, window sills, small furniture pieces, small bar tops, basement bars, and many more. Sale on REMNANT MATERIAL ONLY- NO LABOR!! Must pick-up material yourself, we will load. We do no keep inventory, first come first buy.  Remnant 'holds' are no longer than 24hr without a deposit.
Last inventory update was in 2015 - Please come into our shoroom to check current stock.

Payment accepted in Cash or Check only! Material is sold as is, First come basis!
To search by name of stone, press "Ctrl F" on your keyboard!
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Remnant Viewing time is Mon-Friday 9am-3pm
Stone Inventory:

granite, marble and Quartz Stone Remnants in Denver, YK Stone Center

Granite, marble and Quartz Stone Remnants in Denver, YK Stone Center

3cm Iron Red - 32.5X22.5 -

3cm Iron Red - 35X28

Caesarstone Espresso 3380 Quartz - 56X22

2cm Caesarstone Pebble quartz 4030

Cambria Lincolnshire Quartz -

Sand Stone - Las Vegas Rock - (usable) 71X27

Verde Butterfly Granite - 46X46

Antique Brown Leathered Granite - 45.5X25.5

Antique Brown Leathered Granite - 51X25.5

Caesarstone 4120 Raven quartz - 30X24.5

Caesarstone 4120 Raven Quartz - 38.5X23

2cm Zodiaq Quartz - 30X32 - sold

2cm Yukon White Silestone Quartz - 49X22

2230P Linen Caesarstone Quartz - 51.75X18.5 (A1005)

4230P Shitake Caesarstone Quartz - 32X26.5 - (A1004)

3cm Absolute Black Granite - 83X17.5 (C3002)

Tan Brown Granite - 134X16.5 (C3004)

3cm COsta Esmeralda Rose Granite - 79X18.5 (C3003)

Gentle Gray Samsung Radianz Quartz - 90.5X19.5 (C3006) - SOLD

3cm Venetain Gold - 42.5X25.5 (A1002)

3cm Brownhill Quartz - 59X22.5 (3023)

2cm Snowdon White Quartz - 88X32.5 (C3012)

3cm UbaTuba Leathered Granite - 81X21 (C3001)

2cm 5141 Frosty Carrina Quartz - 56.5X24 (C3024)

Red Beige Sandstone - 47.5X28.5 (C3022)

3cm Golden Rustic Granite - 74X46 (C3013)

Newhaven Cambria Quartz Remnants - 35.5X27 (A1009)

3cm 3452 Red Shimmer Caesarstone - 32X24 (A1038)

3cm Bellingham Cambria Quartz remnant - 29X26.5 (A1032)

3cm Feldspatto Romano Granite remnants - 23.5X25.5 (A1033))

3cm Giallo Ornamental Granite Remnant - 32.5X41.5 (A1025)

3cm Santa Cecilia Leathered granite 46X35 (A1027)

3cm BQ200 VIcostone quartz 57X29 (A1021)

3cm Vintage Granite remnant 52X51 (B2003)

2cm Blanco Zeus Extreme - 46X24 (A1052)

2cm Jerusalem Sand 4250 Caesarstone 38X27 (A1057)

3cm Carrara White Marble Remnant - 39X27 - (A1055)

4030 Pebble Caesarstone quartz 56X52 (B2045)

4030 Pebble Caesarstone quartz 51X28 - (B2052)

5141 Frosty Carrina 58X26.5 (B2055)

Chocolate Truffle Caesarstone

Galloway Cambria Quartz - SOLD

Lincolnshire Cambria Quartz 48X26

3cm 5003 Piatra Gray Caesarstone 55.5X40 - (B2006)

2cm Siena Ridge Silestone 50X36 - (B2019)

Tan Brown Granite Remnants Denver 52X48 (B2051)

Volcano Granite 64X31 (B2051) - SOLD

2cm White silestone quartz remnant 39.5X37.5 - (A1085)

2141 Blizzard Caesarstone Remnant 49X29.5 - (A1087)

3cm Cacau Bahia Granite Remnant 49X25 - (A1092)

Feldspato Romano Granite Remnant 42.5X25 (A1084)

Cacau Bahia Granite 45X35 (A1086)

Cacahu Bahia Granite 47X26 (A1091)

2cm 4141 Misty Carrera Caesarstone Quartz 56.5X50 -(B2070)

6131 Bianco Drift Caesarstone Quartz 81X27 - (B3045) - SOLD

Amarillo Alicante Marble Remnants denver 76X27 - (B2074)

Auburn Abyss Hanstone Quartz remnants 55X44

Butterfly Blue Granite reamnants 63.5X36 (B2069)

Clyde Cambria Quartz Remnants 41.5X36 (A1099)

Everest White Radianz Quartz remnants 62X29 (B2072)

Praa Sands Cambria Quartz Remnants denver 54.5X38 (B2067) - SOLD

Grey Expo Silestone quartz remnants 62X48 (B2071)

6600 Nougat Caesarstone Quartz Remnant 55X45 (C3046)

Devon Cambria Quartz Remnants 55X45 (B2079)

5141 Frosty Carrina Caesarstone Quartz 48X27 (B2087)

6131 Bianco Drift Caesarstone Quartz remnant 55X24.5 (B2091) - SOLD

9601 Oyster Caesarstone Quartz Remnant 55.5X22.5 (B2082) - SOLD

Lincolnshire Cambria Quartz denver 44X18 (B2089)

White Quartz Remnant Denver 51X24.5 (B2083)

4360 Wild Rice Caesarstone Quartz Remnants Denver 60X27 (B2092)

3452 Red Shimmer Caesarstone Quartz Remnants 50X51 - (B2093)

Iguazu Granite remnants Denver 42X39 (B2098) - SOLD

Aguazu Granite Remnants Denver 51X19 (B2099) - SOLD

Auburn Abyss Hanstone Quartz remnants 55.5X44 (B2095)

BS250 Stormy Sky Vicostone Capco remnants 56.5X39 (B2097)

2cm White Quartz Remnants denver 58X26 (B2101)

4120 Raven Caesarstone QUartz remnant 63X30 (B2102)

4360 Wild Rice Caesarstone Quartz Remnants Denver 60X26 (B2104)

6141 Ocean Foam Caesarstone Quartz Remnants 65X28 (B2103)

2cm 4350 Lagos Blue Caesarstone Quartz Remnants 47X31 (A1102)

BS250 Stormy Sky Vicostone Quartz Remnants 120X26 (C3049) - SOLD

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